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Caption: "International Newsreel Photo - Slug (Coolidge Group) - Visitors at the Summer White House - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge as he posed with Senator Ralph Cameron of Arizona and Frank Stearns of Boston, the President's…

Caption: "International Newsreel Photo - Slug (Coolidge and Child) - Child visits President - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows Pres. Coolidge, as he appeared with Richard Washburn Child (in background) as they left the summer mansion here, after child…

Caption: "Watch your credit - International Newsreel Photo - Slug (Coolidge departs) - Coolidge departs with Newspaper men - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge walking away from the entrance to the Summer Executive Mansion, after he had…

Caption: "Coolidge gets first Forget-me-not - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge with little Daniel Manning, Jr. who presented the President the first forget me not which the Chief Executive will wear on Argonne Day, Sept. 25th.…

Caption: "Kellogg and Coolidge Confer - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows Pres. Coolidge and Secretary of State Frank Kellogg as the appeared arriving at the executive office here for a conference."

Caption: "Secretary of Agriculture and member of finance commission with Coolidge - Paul Smiths, NY - Photographed outside the Summer Executive Offices of the President. Left to Right, President Coolidge, Secy. of Agriculture Jardine and Owen D.…

Caption: "Labor leaders visit Coolidge - Paul Smith's, NY - Photo shows Pres. Coolidge as he appeared in a group of Labor Leaders. On the President's left is, Pres. William Green of the American Federation of Labor, and on the President's right is…

Caption: "Believed to be Oscar Otis, White Pine Camp, N.B. in the Coolidge Photos, Newsreel photo."

Caption: "Mexican Church Crisis Reported to President Coolidge - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows left to right Attorney General Sargent, President Coolidge, and James R. Sheffield, American Ambassador to Mexico, who has reported to President Coolidge…

Caption: "Wadsworth Confers with Coolidge - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows Senator Wadsworth, and Pres. Coolidge, as they appeared in front of the executive office here."

Caption: "A Strange Playmate - Paul Smiths, NY - James R. Sheffield, American Ambassador to Mexico who is visiting President Coolidge at the Summer White House finds a strange playmate in this five month old cinnamon bear owned by Jack Schriver of…

Caption: "Coolidge greets K. of C. Men - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge with the Knights of Columbus delegates who called upon him to seek government aid for the program for relief of the Catholics in Mexico. Left to right in the…

Photograph of A.A. "Paul" Smith, Paul Smith, Jr., and Phelps Smith standing in front of an electric rail car for the Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power and Railroad Co.

Photograph of Paul Smith in a horse-drawn wagon on the grounds of Paul Smith's Hotel.

Photograph of Paul Smith sitting in a rocking chair on a porch, probably at Paul Smith's Hotel.
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