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Film of Sipple maple production including tapping, boiling, and retail of maple products circa 1961

Film of logging and sawmill operations, St. Regis Railroad, aerial footage

Film of campus life and activities prior to 1952

Film of Branch and Callanan millwork plant fire, 1930 and Paul Smith's Hotel fire September 5, 1930.

Photograph of the 1963 Wrestling team members. First Row: John Bower, John Cain, Harry Comins, Ralph Strong. Second Row: Bernie Wentz, Coach Norton, Forest Corey, Barton Biondolillo, Wm. Bower.

Photograph of a 1964 Wrestling team match with Bob Mosley taking down.

Photograph of the 1960 Wrestling team members. Standing: B. Rivard, R. Lind, A. Amidon, Coach K. Norton, Capt. B. Durham, J. Hunter, C. Hultman, N. Schweizer. Sitting. T. Ferrari. On Floor: H. Seymour.

Photograph of the 1932 Wrestling team members. First Row: Fred Dupee, Coach Kenneth Norton, Paul Perry. Second Row: John Cain, James Revette, Joseph Baran, Ed Battisti, Barton Biondolillo, Paul Toth, Harry Comins, Gary Grimshaw, Bert Drake, Robert…

Photograph of 1966 Wrestling team member Tom Horton meeting his opponent at the start of a match.

Photograph of the 1968 Wrestling team. Kneeling: R. Reed, B. Hollman, G. Liberty, C. Evans, B. Elliot, A. Todd. Standing: G. Bunat, J. Runyan, C. Rosenbarker, N. Galina, B. Nevins, J. McPhee, Coach Daniel Fav.

Photograph of the 1966 Wrestling team members.Front Row: G. Demeo, T. Horton, B. Mosley, D. Argus. Back Row: L. McGrath, C. Smith, B. Schell, Coach Ken Norton, Mr. Kenyon, E. Coon.

Photograph of a Wrestling team match.

Photograph of a Wrestling team mach.

Photograph of the 1967 Wrestling team. First Row: B. Hallman, R. Argus, C. Evans. Second Row: A. Todd, C. Rosenbarker, F. Gallina, B. Schell. Third Row: B. SHeppard, Mr. Myler, J. Runyan.

Photograph of the 1953 Wrestling team. Left to Right: Charles Maki, Leo Chamberlain, Ronald Fear, John Perry, Coach Ken Norton, Richard Neale, Herbert Kuehne.
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