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Caption: "Paul Smiths New York - Photo shows Governor Al Smith as he arrived at Paul Smiths for a visit to President Coolidge at the Summer White House."

Caption: "Look pleasant, Governor - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows Mrs. Al Smith, Jr., making a picture of her father in law, Gov. Al Smith, with the three pound pike sent to the Governor by President Coolidge, while Al Jr. looks on."

Caption: "Coolidges enjoying Indian Summer at White Pine Camp - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President and Mrs. Coolidge, with their son John and the White House dogs, Rob Roy and Prudence Prim, as they walked over the bridge to the Japanese Tea…

President Calvin Coolidge and Phelps Smith of Paul Smith's Hotel at White Pine Camp

Caption: "Coolidge visits ill secretary - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows Pres. Coolidge, as he appeared leaving Paul Smith's Hotel here, after visiting his secretary Mr. Sanders, who is ill. This has been the president's first visit to this famous…

Caption: "XX-Paul Smiths, NY - President Coolidge visits Secretary Sanders who is ill - Photo shows President Coolidge leaving Paul Smiths Hotel after paying a visit to his Secretary Sanders who is sick in bed. This is the first time that the…

Caption: "The Smiths visit the Coolidges - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows Gov. and Mrs. Al Smith, escorted by Captain Wilson Brown, U.S. Marine Corps, and newspapermen, as they left their cottage here for the visit to White Pine Camp where President…

Caption: "Coolidge greets Vaudeville stars - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge with the group of Vaudeville performers at the Summer Executive mansion here. The Vaudeville stars are here to attend the breaking of ground for the new…

Caption: "Gladioli for the President - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge receiving a basket of prize Gladioli from A.E. Kundred, champion grower of this species of flower and intimate of Luther Burbank. The flowers presented to Mr.…

Caption: "Coolidge Greets Vaudevillians - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge greeting members of the Vaudeville Profession at his Summer Executive Mansion here. The stage folk are here to attend the breaking of ground for the new…

Caption: "Slug (Coolidge & Hays) - Hays visits Summer White House - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge with Will Hays, Director General of the Motion Picture Interests as they appeared at the Summer Executive Mansion here."

Caption: "Coolidge Inspects Marine Corps Camp - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge, accompanied by Secretary Sanders, his Aide Captain Wilson Brown, and secret service men, as he made a tour of inspection of the Marine Corps Camp at…

Caption: "Slug (Coolidge) - Coolidge inspects Marine Corps equipment - Paul Smiths, NY - Photo shows President Coolidge as he inspected one of the Marine's tent at the Marine Corps Guard Encampment at White Pine Camp where President and Mrs. Coolidge…

Caption: "342544-5-6 - International Newsreel photo - Slug (Marine Guard) - Marines Guard Coolidge Summer Camp - Paul Smith's, NY - Photo shows the Marine Guard at the outside of White Pine Camp, the home of the President for the Summer."

Caption: "Mrs. Coolidge inspects Marine Camp - Paul Smith's, NY - Photo shows Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, wife of the Pres. as she appeared inspecting the various Marine Camp tents here."
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