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Photograph of Bark Cabin Camp on Spitfire Lake. Caption: "The Bark Cabin Camp, Spitfire Lake, Adirondacks - August 1877 - Dr. Ralph, M. Townsend, died Dec 1878 at Saranac Lake, Adirondacks."

Photograph of an architect's rendering of Presbyterian Church at Paul Smith's. Drawing is labeled "Front Elevations - Presbyterian Chapel - Paul Smith's - A.S. Wright, Architect, Saranac Lake."

Color postcard of a group of skiiers at the Lake Placid Club. Caption: "Group on Ski Hill, Lake Placid Club, New York."

Postcard of Selkirk's Sunnyside Cottage in McColloms, NY.

Postcard of the picnic grove near Sunnyside Cottage. Caption: "Mrs. Selkirk's Sunnyside Picnic Grove in Winter, McColloms, N.Y." Ptublished by Nettie A. Selkirk, McColloms, C.T. American Art Black and White.

Postcard of the road near Sunnyside Cottage in the winter. Caption: "Winter Road Scene near Sunnyside, McColloms, N.Y."

Photograph of the Presbyterian Church at Paul Smith's.

Postcard of the Presbyterian Church at Paul Smith's. Mailed 1909-11-22. Reads: "Mrs. Quarters, The L.A.S. of the Kees Mill Church will serve Thanksgiving supper as Mrs. Jack Mart [?] Thursday afternoon and evening. Hope you can come and bring your…

Photograph of a guide in an Adirondack guideboat on Upper Saint Regis Lake. Camp Elsinore can be seen in the background.

Color postcard of Boulder Bend on the Saranac River. "Phostint" postcard, printed by Detroit Publishing Co.

Color postcard of the Boquet River. Published by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, ME. Printed in Frankfort, Germany.

Color postcard of the Saranac River. Published by Saranac Lake News Co.

Color postcard of guides and sports with their Adirondack guideboats along the Racquette River. Published by N.W.P. & P. Co., Potsdam, NY.

Photograph of a group in an automobile. From Alvin Doty's family album. Caption: "At Shingle Bridge, Osgood River - A. Doty."

Photograph of Chasm Falls from Alvin Doty's family album.
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