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Photograph of three unidentified baseball teammates with unidentified coach.

Photograph of the [possible] 1950 baseball team.

Photograph of three members of the 1964 Basketball team with coach. From Left: Malcaly Wright, Coach Ken Norton, John Bower, Bill Bower. Caption reads: "With appreciation from the winners of the 1964 team."

Photograph of a basketball game between Erie Tech and PSC Bobcats.

Photograph of the 1967 Basketball team. Caption reads: "Bobcats took first place in Canton Christmas Classic defeating Canton 109-82."

Photograph of the 1966 Basketball team. Kneeling: D. Bernard, R. Greenwood, T. Kerrigan, L. Gayoso, M. Rosenquist. Standing: Coach Dan Dudeck, Mgr. W. Meliou. L. Brown, J. Sweeney, J. Daunais, M. Townsend, D. Folk.

Photograph of sophomore basketball players Bryant, Eisenberg, Grigsby, and Erwin discussing the upcoming game.

Photograph of "Butch" Erwin. Caption reads: "This year 'Butch' Erwin became the first player in the history of the Empire State Conference to capture the scoring championship in both of his varsity seasons. Shooting a sizzling 59.8% from the field,…

Photograph of a basketball game between the PSC Bobcats and Hudson Valley. Mid-shot is Butch Erwin. Caption reads: "Butch Erwin shown here taking a shot was the lead scorer in the conference this year."

Photograph of the 1964 Basketball team. Standing: J. Bryant, W. Novak, P. Araman, B. Erwin, R. Weir, Coach Dudek, D. Cline, L. Grigsby, T. Nichols, D. Cox, J. Sloman. Kneeling: Managers B. Karter, J. Cohen.

Photograph of the beginning tip-off of a basketball game in 1962.

Photograph of the 1960 basketball team. From left: W. Keyes, E. Kelly, N. Southworth, E. Britton, R. Bostick, R. White.

Photograph of members of the 1960 basketball team. From Left: A. Webster, J. Brislin, D. Whitehead, J. Whitlock, J. Mehan, J. Murphy.

Photograph of the 1959 Basketball team. Left to right: D. Hyck, G. Dembin, R. Sutter, J. Rivers, C. Fricke, W. Keyes, R. Bostick, J. Brittan, D. White, B. O'Dell, Coach D. Dudek.

Photograph of the 1965 basketball team. Left to right: J. Bryant, W. Caughy, J. Sweeney, B. Erwin, F. Eisenberg, Coach Dudek, L. Grigsby, G. Skinner, L. Gayoso, D. Bernard, L. Brown, Middle: B. Karter.
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