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Photograph of the 1965 Archery Club. Back Row: A. Salzmon, R. Forth, J. Bolton, M. Roth, W. Sayward, H. Gell, A Morse. Front Row: J. Olmedo, A. Mully, M. Shields, J. Dykty.

Photograph of two unidentified members of the 1967 Archery Club.

Photograph of four unidentified Archery Club members drawing back their bows.

Photograph of three members of the 1965 Archery Club. From left: C. Travaglione, J. Rheubuttom, J. Schwalm.

Photograph of four unidentified 1966 Archery Club members posing with bows.

Photograph of five unidentified members of the Archery Club with their coach, also unidentified.

Photograph of the 1967 Archery Club. Kneeling: M. Furman, C. Galemba, L. Robins. Standing: S. Abondolo, J. Biswanger, J. Fisher, Mr. Carden.

Photograph of 1966 Archery Club members: Advisor Dick Carden and John Biswanger are drawing their bows.

Photograph of the 1966 Archery Club posing. Kneeling: L. Robins, D. McCrindle. Standing: Advisor R. Carden, J. Schwalm, S. Abondolo, J. Biswanger, B. Borgman, G. Schroeder.

Photograph of four unidentified members of the 1963 Archery Club.

Photograph of the 1964 Baseball Team. Bottom Row: S. Lee, R. Harz, R. Cattani, T. Towns, J. Bushee, K. Jeffers. Middle Row: B. Stropp, H. Mills, D. Campbell, J. Sloman. Top Row: G. Norton, Coach Dan Dudek.

Photograph of the 1959 Baseball Team. First Row: G. Narreau, J. Perry, D. Swanson, D. Olsen, G. D'Agotino, M. Maloney, R. Fogarty, G. Simones. Second Row: P. Kane, G. Dembin, R. McDermott, J. Nantz, L. Unger, D. Dudek, Coach.

Photograph of the 1960 Baseball Team. First Row: D. Hastings, J. Verciglio, G. D'Agostino, D. Swanson, R. Dion, W. O'dell, R. Olsen, J. Nantz, R. McDermott, D. Noreau. Second Row: R. Fountain, J. Callahan, D. Mann, T. Mountford, J. Egloff, G.…

Photograph of the 1950 Baseball Team. First Row: S. McSweeney, J. Whitesall, R. Halloway, C. LaForge, S. Morris, R. Barr, A Fripodes, J. Corcuera. Second Row: J. VanSurdam, R. Smades, N. Staropoli, R. Gardner, R. MacCarthey, C. Baker.

Photograph of the 1950 Baseball Team. Front Row: S. McSweeney, J. Whitesall, R. Holloway, C. LaForge, S. Morris, R. Barr, A. Fripodes, J. Corcuera. Second Row: J. VanSurdam, R. Smades, N. Staropoli, R. Gardner, R. MacCarthy, C. Baker.
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