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Photograph of Harriman Cottage on the grounds at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Harriman House, 1940."

Photograph of an unidentified cottage at Paul Smith's Hotel. Was previously identified as Glover Cottage, but it does not match other images. Matches another image identified at Harriman House. Caption: "Grey down grass as though it was cut."

Photo postcard of one of the cottages at Paul Smith's Hotel. Was previously identified as Glover Cottage but it does not match other images of Glover Cottage. Matches another image identified as Harriman House.

Photograph of Fletcher Cottage at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "#6 on map."

Photograph of one of the cottages at Paul Smith's hotel. Caption: "Cottage 2 of 3, Paul Smith's Hotel."

Photograph of one of the cottages at Paul Smith's Hotel. "Lambert?" was written on the back, but it has been crossed out.

Photograph of the Hotel Annex. Smith Cottage was known as the Hotel Annex prior to the 1930 fire that destroyed the main hotel.

Photograph of the Smoking Room in the Casino at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Reproduced from the collections of the Library of Congress - 408742 LCD4-62045."

Photograph of Casino from hotel grounds looking out at Lower St. Regis Lake.

Photograph of Adirondack guideboats, guests, and guides outside of the Boat House at Paul Smith's Hotel. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of Glover Cottage on the grounds of Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Glover Cottage #10"

Photograph of rear of gas station at Paul Smith's Hotel, signed "Hadley."

Photograph of Gas Station at Paul Smith's Hotel, looking across hotel grounds towards Lower St. Regis Lake. Photo by U.S. Army Signal Corps, stamped "No. 6046."

Photograph of cars and workers outside of the garage at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Stereo card showing the entrance to the flower garden at the Fouquet Hotel, Plattsburgh. Photograph by Seneca Ray Stoddard.
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