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Photograph of the entrance sign at White Pine Camp in 1958. Sign reads, "White Pine Camp, Paul Smith's College, Forestry Department."

Photograph of boats on Osgood Pond at White Pine Camp.

Photograph of an outdoor seating area on the grounds at White Pine Camp.

Photograph of the bridge from the Boat House at White Pine Camp. Details in the photograph have been inked or painted in. Caption: "Watch your credit - 342521 - International Newsreel Photo - Slug (View from the Boat House) - At the Summer White…

Photo postcard of the bridge across Osgood Pond at White Pine Camp. The bowling alley is visible across the bridge. Postcard reads: "Bowling Alley, Summer White House, Osgood Lake, Paul Smiths, N.Y." Published by $5 Photo Co., Photo Park, Canton, NY.…

Postcard of Osgood Pond at White Pine Camp. Published by Wm. Jubb Co., Syracuse, NY, C.T. American Art Black and White.
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