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Photograph of Edward L. Trudeau, Jr. (known as Ned), son of Edward Livingston Trudeau. Ned died of pneumonia in 1905, preceding his father.

Photograph of the statue of E.L. Trudeau created by Gutzon Borglum. E.L. Trudeau's son, Francis Berger Trudeau, stands to the left of the statue with his son [either Francis B. Trudeau, Jr. or Edward Trudeau, but not identified]. Dr. Edward R.…

Multi-layer greeting card sent from the Trudeau family, Christmas 1912. Card reads, "Christmas Greetings 1912. From the Trudeau family, including the new daughter that's to be." Signed by E.L. Trudeau and L.[B?]. Trudeau.

Photo card from the Trudeau Family, Christmas 1926.
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