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A trick photograph of two men (the same unidentified man, twice) sitting in chairs on a porch.

Photograph of an unidentified woman. 1000.800.3113 is the same woman.

Photograph of an unidentified woman. 1000.800.3113 is the same woman.

Photograph of an unidentified man.

Photograph of an unidentified woman.

Photograph of an unidentified man riding in a horse-drawn carriage.

Caption: "Mr. Craig of Kodak Co., Rochester stopt in to say "Hello" - Was here last Spring at which time took "movies" and these are enlargements - He and family are stopping at Keene and are returning to see you at around Labor Day - Phelps Smith…

Caption: "To Mr. Phelps Smith, with Best Wishes from Frank J. Travers, Quincy House, Boston, Mass. Taken Mar 26, 1923."

Caption: "'Adirondack Conversation' - Left, Paul Smith; Center, D.W. Riddle - Manager, Saranac Inn; Right, Dr. Sam B. Ward, 1st Pres. Upper Saranac Assoc. [Back] Dan W. Riddle, Mgr Saranac Inn died June 1913 - for 30 years had been a friend and…

Caption: "Same gang, Daffing out and Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes in. Standing aside the road outside Smith's Cottage. Harlow - Coolidge's Guide, Phelps - Host, Summa Cum Laude, Jacques - Jiu Jitsu Expert, Burmaster - DEC."

Caption: "1. Harlow - "Coolidge's Guide" 2. Bill Daffing 3. Phelps - Host, Summa cum Laude 4. Jacques - Jiu Jitsu expert, 5. Burmaster, DEC, Standing on the grass outside Smith's Cottage. Processed May 23, 1934."
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