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Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith.

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith with two unidentified men and "Mr. Bear."

Photograph of Henry Smith as a child. Caption: "Written on wood backing approx. 1 Henry Smith (Same as Katie with dog)."

Hand-colored photograph of a young man in an unidentified military uniform. Was originally identified as Henry B.L. Smith but the resemblance is not clear. Caption: "Dear Pauly, from Henry." Photographer's mark: Pardee, Photographer, Streets B'D'G,…

Studio portrait of Henry B.L. Smith by Christie R. Fay. Photographer's mark: "Christie R. Fay, photographic art studio, West Side, Malone, NY. Duplicates or enlargements can be furnished from this negative, Fine crayons a specialty."

Photograph of Henry Smith's dog sitting in a chair. Photograph by Baldwin. Caption: "Henry's dog."

Photograph of Henry B.L Smith with an unidentified group of young men and women. Henry is seated second from left in the first row. Caption: "Paul Smith's, Aug. 17th, 1890."

Photograph of a young boy with a dog. Was identified at Henry B.L. Smith, but the portrait is marked "San Antonio, Texas," so it is likely that it is not Henry. Caption: "To H.B.L Smith - Compliments of John Darough Jr. of Texas, Henry Smith about…

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith in a wagon pulled by two Morgan horses.

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith, the eldest son of Paul and Lydia Martin Smith. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith seated at the center of a group of men. The man standing over his left shoulder is John Harding. Caption: "Seated: 2. Henry, Standing: 3. John Harding."

Photograph of a group of guides and sports posing with deer heads. Back row: 2. Henry Smith, 5. George Lyon, 7. John or Ed Roark; Seated: 2. Ben Muncil. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Paper silhouette of Henry B.L. Smith.

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith at as a young man.

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith with H. Hinds, a Paul Smith's Hotel stagecoach driver. Caption: "H.B.L. Smith with H. Hinds - Stage Driver, well known. Donaldson Vol. I p.331." Photographer's mark: "G.W. Baldwin, Keeseville, NY."
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