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Photograph of Charles Martin, Lydia Martin Smith's brother. Photograph by Atwood, Burlington, VT.

Photograph of Charles Martin and "Aunt Lou" standing next to an automobile. Most likely in Florida. Caption: "Arrival Dec. 1/18 - Aunt Lou, Uncle Charley."

Photograph of Charles Martin and others on the beach and in the water at Clearwater Beach, Florida. Caption: "Clearwater Beach, XMas 1918."

Photograph of Charles Martin and an unidentified man working on an automobile. The car is partially dismantled, and both men are wearing coveralls. License plate on the ground reads, "N.Y. 1918, 613-496."

Photograph of Charles Martin and an unidentified woman standing outside of the house at 1003 21st Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Florida.
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