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Photograph of the 1961 Drama Club members. First Row: E. Jones, M. Menchillo, A. Orenstein, M. Helley, R. Rosen. Second Row: W. Drude, A. Chapman, J. Stockman, T. Gtatzke, Director Mrs. Packer, R. Barns, W. Dengel, R. Brushaber, W. Groff.

Photograph of the 1962 Drama Club members. First row: Nancy Siragusa, Mr. Barra, Bill Groff. Second row: Bob Battles, Howell Keezell, Boyd Bissell.

Photograph of the 1966 Drama Club members. From left to right: Advisor Mr. Bara, J. Lombardoni, D. Vanderbeck, F. Russo, M. Flanagan, B. Chew, C. Liebermann, F. O'Hara, B. Bushardt.

Photograph of the 1965 Drama Club members. First Row: Advisor Mr. Bara, T. Fashana, S. Salatti. Second Row: S. Lampinen, S. Flakos, L. WIlliams. Third Row: E. Schneck, J. Ingram, D. Morrow, J. Lombardoni. Back Row: S. Frankos, G. Duhart, C. Liberman,…

Photograph of the 1964 Drama Club members. Advisor: Mr. Barra. Front Row: R. Mott, S. Sallatti, J. Monroe, F. Hartzel, P. Johnsone, L. Monaco, J. Redslob, R. Jaffe, D. Fernburg. Back Row: C. Price, J. Roberts, E. Lynch, D. Swanson, W. Wall, R.…

Photograph of the 1966 Drama Club members and their advisor. Front row: J. Massa, Mr. Bara, J. Hawks. Second Row: S. Ofsowitz, J. Fairchild, R. Redfield. Third Row: D. Ames, F. Russo. Back Row: B. Chew, F. O'Hara.

Photograph of an unidentified female culinary student presenting her cake next to an unidentified faculty member.

Photograph of five unidentified male culinary students (and a possible instructor) posing in the kitchen.

Photograph of unidentified female culinary student decorating a cake with an unidentified male instructor standing behind her.

Photograph of Paul Smith's College Culinary Arts students and professors. Caption on bottom reads: "'Be something special, be a chef!' Culinary Arts - Fall, 1995, Paul Smith's College of Arts & Sciences."

Photograph of an unidentified female culinary instructor talking to a group of culinary students with pies on the table.

Photograph of an unidentified female student receiving her diploma during the 1972 Commencement.

Photograph of the Glee Club singing for the 1950 Commencement.

Photograph of student Nancy Monteau receiving an award on stage during Commencement.

Photograph of a Commencement ceremony inside St. John's in the Wilderness Episcopal Church.
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