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Hand-colored photograph of a young man in an unidentified military uniform. Was originally identified as Henry B.L. Smith but the resemblance is not clear. Caption: "Dear Pauly, from Henry." Photographer's mark: Pardee, Photographer, Streets B'D'G,…

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. uniform. His belt buckle bears the insignia of the United States Army. Photograph by Baldwin, Plattsburgh, NY.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with unidentified young men in baseball uniforms. Paul Jr. is seated in the middle of the second row.

Photograph of Paul Smith Jr. in unidentified group portrait. Paul Jr. is the first standing on the left. The young men are wearing uniforms with badges pinned on.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with group of young men in uniforms bearing the insignia of the United States Army. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated at the right. Caption: "J.H. Dalrymple, H.R. Graves, O. [?]. Waring, Van Nosof [?], Schieffelier, P. Smith…

Photograph of an unidentified Signal Corps School member with a boat. Caption: "Signal Corp, The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, NY."

Photograph of the Paul Smith's College float for the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. The year is not identified but the uniforms are from World War II.
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