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Photograph of Phelps and Paul Jr. outside of the Post Office at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Phelps & Pauly."

Photograph of Phelps Smith and unidentified man on the porch of Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Phelps Smith in front of Paul Smith's Hotel, [Later note] Could that be John Harding?"

Caption: "Mr. Craig of Kodak Co., Rochester stopt in to say "Hello" - Was here last Spring at which time took "movies" and these are enlargements - He and family are stopping at Keene and are returning to see you at around Labor Day - Phelps Smith…

Caption: "To Mr. Phelps Smith, with Best Wishes from Frank J. Travers, Quincy House, Boston, Mass. Taken Mar 26, 1923."

Caption: "1. Harlow - "Coolidge's Guide" 2. Bill Daffing 3. Phelps - Host, Summa cum Laude 4. Jacques - Jiu Jitsu expert, 5. Burmaster, DEC, Standing on the grass outside Smith's Cottage. Processed May 23, 1934."

Photograph of Richard J. "Dick" Longtin with Phelps Smith and an unidentified woman in the snow at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "1930s picture - winter - Dick Longtin, unidentified woman, Phelps Smith - all appear to be leaning into a snowbank and…

Photograph of Richard J. "Dick" Longtin and Phelps Smith with two unidentified women in winter at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Female Help Residence, note Electric "Trolley" poles to the right."

Photographic print of New York State Board of Pharmacy Storekeepers Certificate for the General Store at Paul Smith's Hotel. Grants Phelps Smith certification to sell "drugs and poisons."

Photograph of the Golf House at the St. Regis Club at Paul Smith's Hotel. The Golf House was located south of Keese Mills Road. Phelps Smith stands second from right. Photo by Charles E. Rudolph Jr.

Photograph of Phelps Smith and Paul Smith, Jr., standing on the grounds at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Photograph of Phelps Smith with an unidentified man and woman outside of Paul Smith's Hotel. Loomis House is visible in the distance.

Photograph of Phelps Smith with J.A. Flanagan. Caption: "European Tour - American Hotel Association, L to R: J.A. Flanagan - The Flanagan, Malone, NY; Phelps Smith - Paul Smith's, NY [Please return to Ruth Hoyt, Paul Smiths, NY 12970]." Taped on…

Photograph of Phelps Smith with Dick Longtin and two unidentified women in the snow at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Buildings L to R: Store, Casino, Foreground - clapboards on Smith Cottage, Dick Longtin in photo as well."

Photograph of John J. Mange and Phelps Smith standing outside of the Post Office in Paul Smiths, NY.

Photograph of Phelps Smith and unidentified men. Photograph by Charles E. Rudolph, Jr.
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