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Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr.'s mausoleum at Woodlawn, NY.

Photograph of Phelps and Paul Jr. outside of the Post Office at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Phelps & Pauly."

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides with trophy deer hanging behind them. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated third from left. Caption: "1st Mose Sawyer [Illegible address... 29 Larginic St?], Jim Skeff, 3rd Paulie 6. Jim Cross (on end with beard)."…

Photograph of Phelps Smith and Paul Smith, Jr., standing on the grounds at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. and Henry B.L. Smith. Caption: "Sons of Apollos [Paul] Smith." Photographer's mark: G.W. Baldwin, No. 84 Margaret St., Plattsburg, NY

Engraved portrait of Paul Smith, Jr. by E.G. Williams & Bro., NY.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with group of young men in uniforms bearing the insignia of the United States Army. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated at the right. Caption: "J.H. Dalrymple, H.R. Graves, O. [?]. Waring, Van Nosof [?], Schieffelier, P. Smith…

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with the Guides and their dogs. Deer are seen hanging behind the men. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated third from left. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of Paul Smith Jr. and other young men with tennis rackets on the porch of a house. Photograph has been broken into two pieces.

Portrait of a young Paul Smith, Jr. Photographer's mark: "O'Neil, 31 Union Sq., NY."

Photograph of Paul Smith Jr., and his classmates in the Class of 1886. Paul Jr. is seated second from left. Caption: "Class of '86; J.B. Van Wosoh - Grieg; O.G. Waring - Princeton; E. McVickar - Boston Tech; H.F. Hall - Mich. College - Dick…

Photograph of Paul Smith Jr. in unidentified group portrait. Paul Jr. is the first standing on the left. The young men are wearing uniforms with badges pinned on.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. as a young man.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with unidentified young men in baseball uniforms. Paul Jr. is seated in the middle of the second row.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr., possibly on the grounds at Paul Smith's Hotel.
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