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Color postcard of guides and sports with their Adirondack guideboats along the Racquette River. Published by N.W.P. & P. Co., Potsdam, NY.

Color postcard with an aerial view of Paul Smith's Hotel and Lower St. Regis Lake. Donated by Lydia Wright, 07/15/03.

Photo postcard of a guide carrying an Adirondack guideboat sent to Mr. and Mrs. Henry LaRock, Maine Street, Plattsburgh, NY. "[...] Crete Store," Postmarked Plattsburgh, NY Nov [2?] 1905. Later written note in corner says "Harry Otis, husband,…

Color postcard of Blue Mountain Lake. Mailed in 1907[?] to Mr. John J. Harris, 6 Madison St., City. Printed by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, ME.

Postcard of the Boat House and bridge at White Pine Camp. Published by the Greeting Card Mfg. Co., Inc., 32 Union Sq., NY.

Color postcard of the Boquet River. Published by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, ME. Printed in Frankfort, Germany.

Color postcard of Boulder Bend on the Saranac River. "Phostint" postcard, printed by Detroit Publishing Co.

Color postcard of Chateaugay [spelled Chataguay on the postcard] Lake. Postcard is addressed to Miss Mary Miner, Parma, MI. The front reads, "Thanks for the papers. Mary Nicholson."

Color postcard of the chicken yard at Gabriels Sanatorium. Two men, a nun, and a donkey are standing in the yard among the chickens. Mailed from Gabriels April 13 [?] 12 M, 1906, addressed to "Master Frances [Francis?] Coughlin, 80 Washington St.,…

Photo postcard of Dorm 1.

Photo postcard showing Dorm 1.

Color postcard pf Eagle Island on Lower Saranac Lake. Published by Santway Photo-craft Company, Watertown, NY.

Color postcard of Fourth Lake in the Fulton Chain. Printed by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, ME.

Color postcard of the Fulton Chain of Lakes from Bald Mountain. Published by the American News Company.

Photo postcard of Rest-A-While, the main building at Gabriels Sanatorium, and the Knights of Columbus bungalows. Back reads: "Postmaster Gabriels, NY," and has an International Geophysical Year 1957-58 3-cent stamp.
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