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Aerial Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel and Lower St. Regis Lake in winter. Caption: "Air-view showing the big hotel, casino, Smith Cottage, store and other cottages, taken February 1931." [This photograph could not have been taken in 1931, as the…

Photograph of Bark Cabin Camp on Spitfire Lake. Caption: "The Bark Cabin Camp, Spitfire Lake, Adirondacks - August 1877 - Dr. Ralph, M. Townsend, died Dec 1878 at Saranac Lake, Adirondacks."

Photograph of a guide on Upper St. Regis Lake at Birch Point.

Photograph of the camp at Birch Point taken from Upper St. Regis Lake.

Color postcard of Blue Mountain Lake. Mailed in 1907[?] to Mr. John J. Harris, 6 Madison St., City. Printed by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, ME.

Photograph of the Boat House at Paul Smith's Hotel taken from Lower St. Regis Lake. Caption: "Paul Smith's Sept. 3 1900 - Not 1900 because Casino built circa 1892" - "Paul Smiths About 1900 [1890]. Given to Paul Smiths College Library by Robert…

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel taken from Lower St. Regis Lake. Boat House is visible on the edge of the lake. Caption: "Reproduced from the Collections of the Library of Congress, 408742 LCD4-32911."

Photograph of an unidentified man and a woman in an Adirondack guide boat near Paul Smith's Hotel.

Photograph of boats traveling between Upper and Lower St. Regis Lake. Caption: "Slough between upper and lower lake (St. Regis)."

Postcard of Spitfire Lake.

Photograph of Camp Wild Air taken from a boat on Upper St. Regis Lake. Caption: "Wild air, Lake St. Regis, NY - Lathrop Camp, 2 girls."

Photograph of the Casino building and Paul Smith's Hotel grounds from Lower St. Regis Lake.

Photograph of Casino building, looking west to St. Regis Mountain and Lower St. Regis Lake. Given by R. J. Longtin.

Photograph of Casino from hotel grounds looking out at Lower St. Regis Lake.

Photograph of the Casino at Paul Smith's Hotel taken across Lower St. Regis Lake.
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