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Photograph of guides and sports at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Hunting party, Paul Smith's Hotel - 1. Fred Otis (rifle on shoulder, white dog) 5. possibly Sam Martin who guided for Vanderbilt party, 7. Possibly Charlie or Henry Martin."

Photograph of William H. Smith. Labeled as "William H. Smith, the hermit" - thought to be "hermit" cousin but it is unlikely. Photograph by Obermuller and Kern.

Photo card from the Trudeau Family, Christmas 1926.

Photograph of guides and sports on a hunting party at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Photograph of Lydia (Martin) Smith, wife of A.A. "Paul" Smith, and an unidentified dog. Photograph by Charles Derby. Caption: "Donated to Paul Smith's College by Lt. Colonel and Mrs. J.W. Varian, Aus, Ret., Lake Placid, NY 1965."

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with the Guides and their dogs. Deer are seen hanging behind the men. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated third from left. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of Henry Smith's dog sitting in a chair. Photograph by Baldwin. Caption: "Henry's dog."

Photograph of a young boy with a dog. Was identified at Henry B.L. Smith, but the portrait is marked "San Antonio, Texas," so it is likely that it is not Henry. Caption: "To H.B.L Smith - Compliments of John Darough Jr. of Texas, Henry Smith about…

Photograph of an unidentified man with a large dog. Was previously identified as Henry B.L. Smith but Henry died at the age of 30 and the man in the photograph appears to be older.
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