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Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides and hounds in a heavily laden Adirondack guideboat. A deer can be seen in the boat with the men. One of the guides has a pack basket on his back. Photograph by Charles Derby. [Original photograph is cracked…

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides with trophy deer hanging behind them. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated third from left. Caption: "1st Mose Sawyer [Illegible address... 29 Larginic St?], Jim Skeff, 3rd Paulie 6. Jim Cross (on end with beard)."…

Photograph of guides and sports at Paul Smith's Hotel Company. Caption: "#4 from left, Mose Sawyer."

Photograph of guides and sports at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Hunting party, Paul Smith's Hotel - 1. Fred Otis (rifle on shoulder, white dog) 5. possibly Sam Martin who guided for Vanderbilt party, 7. Possibly Charlie or Henry Martin."

Photograph from Alvin Doty's family album of Alvin with two deer. Caption: "Deer and Alvin."

Photograph of Fred Roark, a guide at Paul Smith's Hotel, with hounds used for hunting deer. A deer is visible hanging behind him at an unidentified camp near Paul Smith's. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides unloading deer carcasses from Adirondack guideboats at a camp near the Hotel.

Photograph of guides with a deer carcass in front of an unidentified building.

Photograph of Lem Merrill with the head and skin of a deer wrapped around his shoulders.

Photograph of two unidentified guides in an Adirondack guide boat near "the Point" on Lower St. Regis Lake. The guides have a deer with them in the boat. Paul Smith's Hotel is visible on the shore behind them. Photograph by Detroit Photographic Co.…

Photograph of Doug Martin, possibly Lydia Martin Smith's brother, with a hanging deer carcass. Photograph by Charles Derby. Caption: "Uncle of Doug who died recently, his daughter was Clara who married Herb Tyler (lived where Ben does now)."

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with the Guides and their dogs. Deer are seen hanging behind the men. Paul Smith, Jr. is seated third from left. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of a group of guides and sports posing with deer heads. Back row: 2. Henry Smith, 5. George Lyon, 7. John or Ed Roark; Seated: 2. Ben Muncil. Photograph by Charles Derby.
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