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Photograph of the [possible] 1950 baseball team.

Photograph of three unidentified baseball teammates with unidentified coach.

Photograph of the 1950 Baseball Team. Front Row: S. McSweeney, J. Whitesall, R. Holloway, C. LaForge, S. Morris, R. Barr, A. Fripodes, J. Corcuera. Second Row: J. VanSurdam, R. Smades, N. Staropoli, R. Gardner, R. MacCarthy, C. Baker.

Photograph of the 1950 Baseball Team. First Row: S. McSweeney, J. Whitesall, R. Halloway, C. LaForge, S. Morris, R. Barr, A Fripodes, J. Corcuera. Second Row: J. VanSurdam, R. Smades, N. Staropoli, R. Gardner, R. MacCarthey, C. Baker.

Photograph of the 1960 Baseball Team. First Row: D. Hastings, J. Verciglio, G. D'Agostino, D. Swanson, R. Dion, W. O'dell, R. Olsen, J. Nantz, R. McDermott, D. Noreau. Second Row: R. Fountain, J. Callahan, D. Mann, T. Mountford, J. Egloff, G.…

Photograph of the 1959 Baseball Team. First Row: G. Narreau, J. Perry, D. Swanson, D. Olsen, G. D'Agotino, M. Maloney, R. Fogarty, G. Simones. Second Row: P. Kane, G. Dembin, R. McDermott, J. Nantz, L. Unger, D. Dudek, Coach.

Photograph of the 1964 Baseball Team. Bottom Row: S. Lee, R. Harz, R. Cattani, T. Towns, J. Bushee, K. Jeffers. Middle Row: B. Stropp, H. Mills, D. Campbell, J. Sloman. Top Row: G. Norton, Coach Dan Dudek.

Photograph of a baseball game in progress on the grounds of Paul Smith's Hotel. Spectators can be seen on the lawn and on the Hotel's porches. Presented to the Library by Richard J. Longtin.

Postcard of baseball game on the grounds next to the Main Building at Paul Smith's Hotel. Spectators are visible on the porches and lawn. The postcard has been used and is dated 1907-04-23.

Photograph of a baseball game and spectators on the grounds at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Paul Smith's Hotel (north west side) taken from in front of Maffitt, Fletcher, and Milbank Cottages on a knoll."

Photograph of spectators gathered to watch a baseball game at Paul Smith's Hotel. The hotel is visible in the background, and spectators are seated on the lawn and porches.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. with unidentified young men in baseball uniforms. Paul Jr. is seated in the middle of the second row.
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