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Photograph of Adirondack guideboats, guests, and guides outside of the Boat House at Paul Smith's Hotel. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of a Meacham guide carrying an Adirondack guideboat. Caption: "An Adirondack Carry." Photograph by Detroit Photographic Co.

Photograph of guides working on Adirondack guideboats in front of the Boat House at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Happy Birthday Dick Meade [?] (my chauffeur) - Hawkeye."

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides and hounds in a heavily laden Adirondack guideboat. A deer can be seen in the boat with the men. One of the guides has a pack basket on his back. Photograph by Charles Derby. [Original photograph is cracked…

Photograph of guides at Paul Smith's Hotel on the dock in front of the boat house. The man in the center of the first row in the light-colored bowler is Henry B. L. Smith.

Photograph of two men in an Adirondack guideboat near Paul Smith's Hotel.

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides unloading deer carcasses from Adirondack guideboats at a camp near the Hotel.

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guests and guides in an Adirondack guideboat.

Photo postcard of a guide carrying an Adirondack guideboat sent to Mr. and Mrs. Henry LaRock, Maine Street, Plattsburgh, NY. "[...] Crete Store," Postmarked Plattsburgh, NY Nov [2?] 1905. Later written note in corner says "Harry Otis, husband,…

Color postcard of guides and sports with their Adirondack guideboats along the Racquette River. Published by N.W.P. & P. Co., Potsdam, NY.

Photograph of a guide in an Adirondack guideboat on Upper Saint Regis Lake. Camp Elsinore can be seen in the background.

Photograph of Bark Cabin Camp on Spitfire Lake. Caption: "The Bark Cabin Camp, Spitfire Lake, Adirondacks - August 1877 - Dr. Ralph, M. Townsend, died Dec 1878 at Saranac Lake, Adirondacks."

Stereo card of an unidentified man in an Adirondack guideboat near "the Point" on Lower St. Regis Lake. Paul Smith's Hotel is visible on the far bank. Photograph by Seneca Ray Stoddard.

Photograph of an unidentified man standing with an Adirondack guideboat at "the Point" on Lower St. Regis Lake. Paul Smith's Hotel is visible on the opposite shore.

Color postcard of guests in Adirondack guideboats on Lower St. Regis Lake in front of the Casino building. Postcard has been mailed to E.C. Brandon, 317 State St., Brooklyn, NY, postmarked Malone, June 22, 1915. Message reads: "So this [illegible].…
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