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Photograph of golfers on the golf course at Paul Smith's Hotel. Given by R.J. Longtin.

Photograph of the Smoking Room in the Casino at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Reproduced from the collections of the Library of Congress - 408742 LCD4-62045."

Photograph of Adirondack guideboats, guests, and guides outside of the Boat House at Paul Smith's Hotel. Photograph by Charles Derby.

Photograph of Camp Wild Air taken from a boat on Upper St. Regis Lake. Caption: "Wild air, Lake St. Regis, NY - Lathrop Camp, 2 girls."

Photograph of a cabin and dining room at Camp Wild Air. Unidentified guests can be seen on the front porch of one of the buildings.

Photograph of the Boat/Guide House at Camp Wild Air. An Adirondack guideboat can be seen on the dock. Caption: "Boat House, Guide House."

Photograph of an unidentified room at Camp Wild Air.

Photograph of the interior of a tent at Camp Wild Air. Caption: "My tent."

Photograph of a living room at Camp Wild Air. Caption: "Adirondacks, October 1885."

Photograph of a dining room at Camp Wild Air.

Photograph of a Meacham guide carrying an Adirondack guideboat. Caption: "An Adirondack Carry." Photograph by Detroit Photographic Co.

Photograph of Meacham guides eating a meal at a long table. Caption: "Meacham Guides - John Maynard, Henry Tucker, Zek [?] Perkins, Lyman DeBar, Mat [?] Johnson, 65 years + ago in 1840 or 1850."

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides and sports standing on the shore of the lake.

Photograph of guides working on Adirondack guideboats in front of the Boat House at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Happy Birthday Dick Meade [?] (my chauffeur) - Hawkeye."

Photograph of Paul Smith's Hotel guides and hounds in a heavily laden Adirondack guideboat. A deer can be seen in the boat with the men. One of the guides has a pack basket on his back. Photograph by Charles Derby. [Original photograph is cracked…
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