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Film of winter scenes around Loon Lake, including beaver, ice harvest, snow plow and white bear

Photograph of Henry B.L. Smith with two unidentified men and "Mr. Bear."

Photograph of Slush Pond from Alvin Doty's family album.

Photograph of part of the canal system [that still exists in 2014] between Osgood Pond and Little Osgood, and Little Osgood and Church Pond. Taken during construction in the early 20th century.

Photograph of Meacham Lake House taken from the lake.

Color postcard of the Fulton Chain of Lakes from Bald Mountain. Published by the American News Company.

Color postcard of Upper St. Regis Lake. Printed by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, ME.

Color postcard of Upper Loon Lake. "Photostint" card printed by Detroit Publishing Co.

Color postcard of Blue Mountain Lake. Mailed in 1907[?] to Mr. John J. Harris, 6 Madison St., City. Printed by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, ME.

Color postcard of Fourth Lake in the Fulton Chain. Printed by Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, ME.

Color postcard of an aerial view of the Palisades Hotel on Brant Lake. Sent to Miss Helen Wright, Johnston, South Carolina. Card reads, "Well! [?] How's everything in Johnston? We have been enjoying the most pleasant weather - nighttime have to haul…

Color postcard of Chateaugay [spelled Chataguay on the postcard] Lake. Postcard is addressed to Miss Mary Miner, Parma, MI. The front reads, "Thanks for the papers. Mary Nicholson."

Color postcard of a drawing of Lake Tear of the Clouds. Drawing by Verplanck Colvin, superintendent of the State of New York Adirondack Survey.

Photograph of Camp Wild Air taken from a boat on Upper St. Regis Lake. Caption: "Wild air, Lake St. Regis, NY - Lathrop Camp, 2 girls."

Photograph of unidentified farm buildings in the snow in Rainbow Lake. Caption: "Rainbow Lake, May 1920."
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