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Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. uniform. His belt buckle bears the insignia of the United States Army. Photograph by Baldwin, Plattsburgh, NY.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. and B.A. Muncil seated in rocking chairs on a porch. Paul Jr. sits on the right.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr.leaning on a fence with John Harding and an unidentified woman. Paul Jr. stands on the left.

Portrait of Paul Smith, Jr.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. and Henry B.L. Smith. Caption: "Sons of Apollos [Paul] Smith." Photographer's mark: G.W. Baldwin, No. 84 Margaret St., Plattsburg, NY

Photograph of Paul Smith Bagley at 28 months old. Unknown relationship to Smith Family.

Photograph of P.T. Barnum and his great-grandson, Henry Rennell. Signed by P.T. Barnum. Back caption: "In Sweet Remembrance of Paul Smith's Hotel - PT Barnum, July 30th 1887."

Photograph of the piano in the Owner's Cabin at White Pine Camp. A polar bear skin rug lies on the floor under the piano.

Photograph of unidentified Martin relation. Caption: "Mrs. J. [?] Smith." Back is stamped "H.B.L. Smith, St. Regis Lake, NY." Photographer's Mark: G.W. Baldwin, Keesville, NY 1879

Photograph of Meacham guides eating a meal at a long table. Caption: "Meacham Guides - John Maynard, Henry Tucker, Zek [?] Perkins, Lyman DeBar, Mat [?] Johnson, 65 years + ago in 1840 or 1850."

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr.'s mausoleum at Woodlawn, NY.

Portrait of Mary Martin Barnard, Lydia Martin Smith's sister. Photograph by G.W. Baldwin, Saranac Lake, NY.

Group portrait of the Martin Family. Caption: "The Martin Family - Hugh Martin (Father), Sally Goddell Martin (Mother). Seated: 1. Mary (Barnard), born 1841; 2. Lydia (Smith), born 1834; 3. Henry, born 1840; 4. Kate (Jones), born 1847; 5. Lucy…

Photograph of Lydia Martin Smith's nephew and niece. Caption: "For Aunt Lydia from Amy and Lem [?] Gale." Photographer's mark: W.D. Chandler, St. Albans, VT.

Unidentified relation of Lydia Martin Smith. Caption: "Baby Fred, four months old." Photographer's mark: W.M. Smith, Englewood, IL
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