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Photograph of James Haney, Manager of the Fouquet House in Plattsburgh. Photograph by Baldwin.

Photograph of an unidentified man. The man was originally identified as John Wilkes Booth but that is incorrect. Photographer's mark: H.K. Averill, Jr. Plattsburgh, NY.

Stereo card showing the entrance to the flower garden at the Fouquet Hotel, Plattsburgh. Photograph by Seneca Ray Stoddard.

Portrait of Lydia (Martin) Smith, wife of A.A. "Paul" Smith. Photographer by Baldwin, Plattsburgh, NY.

Portrait of Mrs. E.L. Jones (Lucy Martin Jones), Lydia Martin Smith's sister. Photograph by Baldwin, Plattsburgh, NY.

Photograph of Adaline Lydia Martin, probably Charles Martin's daughter and Lydia Martin Smith's niece. Caption: "Charlie Martin's daughter - Adaline Lydia Martin, 10 weeks old." Photograph by Baldwin, Plattsburgh, NY.

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. and Henry B.L. Smith. Caption: "Sons of Apollos [Paul] Smith." Photographer's mark: G.W. Baldwin, No. 84 Margaret St., Plattsburg, NY

Photograph of Paul Smith, Jr. uniform. His belt buckle bears the insignia of the United States Army. Photograph by Baldwin, Plattsburgh, NY.

Studio portrait of three unidentified young men. It has previously been identified as the three Smith brothers, Paul Jr., Phelps, and Henry, but a caption on the back reads: "Harding, Henry, and Phelps Foquet (J. Haney)." It doest not bear a strong…

Portrait of Paul Smith.

Portrait of Paul Smith. Photographer's mark: "Bigelow, Photographer, Plattsburgh, NY"

Portrait of Paul Smith. Photographer's mark: Baldwin, Artist, Plattsburgh, NY, Publisher of Adirondack Scenery.
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