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Hotel People - 800

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P.T. Barnum and Great-Grandson
Photograph of P.T. Barnum and his great-grandson, Henry Rennell. Signed by P.T. Barnum. Back caption: "In Sweet Remembrance of Paul Smith's Hotel - PT Barnum, July 30th 1887."

Nancy Fish Barnum 1
Photograph of Nancy Fish Barnum, P.T. Barnum's second wife. Photograph is signed, "Sincerely yours, N. Barnum, Aug. 25, 1888." Back Caption: "Married P.T.B. 9/16/1874."

P.T. Barnum 1
Photograph of P.T. Barnum.

Nancy Fish Barnum 2
Photograph of Nancy Fish Barnum, P.T. Barnum's second wife. Back reads, "Paul Smith [Jr.?] with kind regards of the original, Aug. 29th/88."

Nancy Fish Barnum 3
Photograph of Nancy Fish Barnum, P.T. Barnum's second wife. Back is signed, "Mrs. Paul Smith with Compliments of Mrs. P.T. Barnum, Aug 29th/88, Nancy Fish Barnum."

Death of Jumbo the Elephant by Train
Photograph of the September 15th, 1885 train wreck which killed Jumbo the elephant, of Barnum & Bailey Circus fame. Jumbo was struck by a train at a railroad yard in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Jumbo is most likely on the other side of the train in…

P.T. Barnum 2
Print of a painting of P.T. Barnum.

Paul Smith's Hotel Train Engineer
Photograph of an unidentified train engineer at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Paul Smith's Hotel Female Workers
Photograph of unidentified female workers on the porch of the General Store at Paul Smith's Hotel. Caption: "Store - upstairs entrance in background, Portico sandstone slab holding up the girls arms."

Female Workers at Paul Smith's Hotel
Photograph of female employees at Paul Smith's Hotel. One of the women is holding a child with a "Please Keep Off" sign. "Kate Whitford" is written on the dress of right-most woman in the photograph.

Bellhops at Paul Smith's Hotel
Photograph of unidentified bellhops at Paul Smith's Hotel. Taken in front of the "Annex."

Paul Smith's Hotel Loggers
Photograph of loggers with draft horses at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Logging at Paul Smith's Hotel
Photograph of a man standing next to a large log on a horse-drawn cart in front of Smith Cottage at Paul Smith's Hotel.

Mowing at Paul Smith's Hotel
Photograph of an unidentified worker on a horse-drawn mower at Paul Smith's Hotel. The hotel can be seen in the background.

Paul Smith's Hotel Garden
Photo postcard of Paul Smith's Hotel gardeners with vegetables, tools, and a sign that reads "Paul Smith's Hotel Garden 1908." Back reads: "Best Regards from Ch. Moyer, to Mr. S. Moeller [?] Monticello Ave., Edenwald, NY."
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